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Stop 1

History of Modesto

Stop 2

American Graffiti Makes History

Stop 3

Evolution of the Cruise Route

Stop 4

Nightclubs of the 50s & 60s

Stop 5

The Car Customizers

Stop 6

Modesto Through the Ages- Arch

Stop 7

Modesto Music Scene Then & Now

Stop 8

The "Drag" / Why Cruise

Stop 9

Key Classic Cars

Stop 10

Car Clubs of the 50s and 60s

Stop 11

Modesto Feeds the World

Stop 12

The Cruise Police & Police Cars

Stop 13

Graffiti Summer

Stop 14

The Drive-Ins

Stop 15

The High Schools of 1962

Stop 16

Hometown Heroes

Stop 17

Downtown Culture, Art & Music

Stop 18

Music of American Graffiti

Stop 19

George Lucas Bio and History - Early Years

Stop 20

George Lucas Bio and History - Later Years

Stop 21

Drag Racing

Stop 22

Lucas Locations in Modesto

Stop 23

The Radio Stations

Stop 24

Modesto Community Experience

Stop 25

Movie Theaters Then & Now